HFQ® Production in Coventry

HFQ® technology is set to revolutionise the automotive industry. PAB is based in Coventry and is the only production license holders in Europe.


Developed by Professor Lin of Imperial College London and Professor Dean of the University of Birmingham, and Impression Technologies Limited, HFQ® technology provides a cost-effective means of producing lightweight, complex aluminium components, opening the door to a new generation of solutions for the automotive, aerospace and rail industries.


PAB acknowledges the impact that HFQ® Technology is going to have on manufacturers in Coventry and in particular in the transport industry where a lightweight yet robust metal will help manufacturers from across the sectors produce vehicles that perform well, but use less energy and hence reduce CO2 emissions helping businesses meet the Government’s energy targets.

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® HFQ is a registered trademark for Impression Technologies Ltd. Impression Technologies are the owners of the HFQ process and know-how.