HFQ® Production in UK

The increasing demand for more fuel efficient vehicles in order to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions is a significant challenge for the automotive industry. Cars are responsible for approximately 12% of the total European Union (EU) emission of CO2, the main greenhouse gas. Weight reduction is the most effective route to achieving mandatory EU legislation… Read more »

What is HFQ®?

A new aluminium forming technology has been developed which has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and increase recycling in the automotive industry. Until now it has been difficult to form complex shapes as current technologies are inadequate in producing sophisticated shapes and structures for high volume applications.   Heat Treatment Forming and… Read more »

PAB Awarded Government Funds to Help Rebuild British Manufacturing

The Government has announced the latest winners from a fund to help rebuild British manufacturing prowess. Twenty supply chain projects from across the country will benefit from a total of £67 million of Government investment, with £109 million being invested in the same projects by industry. We are very proud to announce that we are… Read more »

Why is it important to prototype your idea?

Transforming your idea from design into production can be quite a challenge both practically and financially. Creating a prototype is one way to overcome this challenge and test out your idea at the pre-production stage. Building a prototype has many benefits, with one of the main ones being it provides you with the opportunity to… Read more »

Coventry Metal Forming Company Contributes to a Major Technical Advance

PAB has contributed to a major technical advance in forming deep drawn and complex high strength Aluminium components for the Automotive Industry There is ever mounting pressure on the automotive industry to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions; with benefits being felt by both vehicle owners and the environment. Aluminium components are currently being used extensively in… Read more »