About PAB Group

The PAB Group Boasts A Proud History For The Brazier Family.

Today the firm’s dynamic custodian, Mark Brazier directs and leads the business forward bringing new customers from diverse markets and locations whilst ensuring the traditional business values put in place by his father Peter Brazier are maintained.

Peter Brazier started the business in 1986 from a modest workshop in Rugby before quickly moving to larger premises, then finally to our current headquarters and manufacturing plant in Coventry. Peter’s industry knowledge and trade contacts following a successful engineering and aerospace career stood him in good stead to develop and grow business at PAB, automotive industry leaders such as Aston Martin and Jaguar cars have successfully been retained for over 20 years and serve as testament to the skilled production and trusted partnership qualities that the Brazier’s have strived to achieve since 1986.

In an age where time served skills are diminishing, PAB Group has successfully managed to get the balance right when it comes to lean engineering, technology and knowledge gained through apprenticeship.

Mark Brazier alongside other members of his team, served an apprenticeship at Rugby and then at Coventry, covering every facet of an efficient manufacturing business before progressing through the company to become Managing Director.

Mark has his grandfather; Bill to thank for starting off a 3 generation career path in the automotive and aerospace industries, Bill worked for Rolls Royce in Coventry during the peak of its production days.

Now over 20 years later through significant investment and growth the PAB Group employs in excess of 110 personnel and has consistently increased turnover year on year. It now serves the automotive, defence, aerospace and HVAC industries.

Our commitment to outstanding quality and accreditation has always been paramount.

Our business quality systems are recognised and certified to ISO 9000/2000 and ISO 14001 and manufacturer standards TS 16949. Achieving PPM (parts per million) manufacturing scores consistently ahead of world class standards is testament to the accreditations.

Future Investment

We don’t take the quality we offer for granted and we’re not resting on our laurels. As well as increasing our turnover year on year we invest in annual apprentice programmes. In this way we don’t only invest in the next generation by giving them the skills they need to thrive in the workplace, we also make sure that the people who rise through the ranks at PAB are fully immersed in our ethos and the standards we expect.

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