What We Do

Research and Development

PAB has been recognised as an industry leader in innovation, design and product development. PAB is involved in a number of leading research and development initiatives funded by Innovate UK and EU Horizon 2020. Working closely with leading UK universities, PAB has a proven track record of developing new technologies, particularly in the metal forming sector.

Innovate UK projects include; UlCab (lead partner in developing Tailor Welded Blank technology in conjunction with a new lightweight forming process designed to provide a significant reduction on carbon emissions), LightBlank (developing Friction Stir Welding in conjunction with the new lightweight forming process). EU projects include LoCoLite (development of a production system for the manufacture of lightweight aluminium panels) and LoCoMaTech (a follow-on from LoCoLite developing the same system and process for high volume manufacture).


Figure 1 Door Inner formed Sept 2015 at PAB Coventry


Figure 2 Hellenic Aerospace Industry armrest formed Sept 2016 at PAB Coventry

PAB was the lead partner for a Niche Vehicle Network project (MagHot) which delivered a step-change in the economic manufacture of ultra-lightweight magnesium pressings.

Another Innovate UK project saw PAB develop a prototype for cooling Electric Vehicle batteries using Polymer Micro-Hollow Fibres (PHFHE). This prototype was chosen by Nottingham University for some further research in conjunction with PAB.


Figure 3 Morgan Motor Company front cowl formed for MgHot project April 2016 at PAB Coventry