What We Do


Since 1986 PAB has been supplying quality pressed parts, brackets, welded assemblies, components and trim to a global audience.

Our pre-production and production parts constantly meet the exacting standards of quality and scheduled delivery requirements demanded in today’s fast paced environment where lead times are constantly reduced.

As an early innovator of lean manufacturing processing PAB are well placed to meet challenging timescales and budget requirement s whilst ensuring commercially focused project management remains at the forefront of your customer experience.

Whether unfinished or plated, powder or E coated finished components; our production facility in Coventry delivers the most competitive tool and parts costs in the industry. Operating within world class standards for PPM (parts per million) rejected components PAB are proud to offer this winning service combination to our customers new and old.

PAB can deliver manufacturing solutions for our clients from the design concept through to full production encompassing all aspects of prototype development.

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PAB Manufacturing

Manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do at PAB. Ultimately, whether we’re delivering a component in bulk for the automotive sector or a one off piece of pressed sheet metal for a creative artist, turning raw materials into finely honed, carefully designed and flawlessly manufactured items is what PAB does best.

This means several things. It means only employing people who understand the ethos of the company and share our desire to maintain the highest standards and deliver personalised, bespoke customer service. Despite growing year on year, delivering globally and employing more than 50 people, we still think of ourselves as the kind of accessible family run firm that clients know they can always rely on. It also means making use of the very best technology, harnessing innovation not just for its own sake, but in order to keep on delivering the best products at value for money prices, delivered when and where our clients need them. Amongst the factors which we offer as part of our manufacturing process are the following:

Flatbed 2 Axis Laser

Our flatbed 2 axis laser is the simplest laser cutter we offer and is the ideal solution for cutting a variety of shapes and designs out of sheet metal. Whether the shape in question is simple or complex, our 2 axis laser – also known as a 2D laser – can work quickly and accurately, producing consistent results across a range of thicknesses.

Dual Cell 5 Axis Laser

The accuracy and clean finish of laser cutting can also be applied to the creation of highly complex 3D shapes, using our dual cell 5 axis laser systems. The versatility and flexibility of the 5 axis system, which can move over and around the component being worked upon, means that we can work on a wide variety of components, including thin walled tubes which would be in danger of damage and distortion if produced using other methods.

Codes Welders

We pride ourselves on the fact that the technicians and craftspeople working for PAB are of the highest possible standard. Our accreditations and minimum standards are set out clearly for every client to see, and these include the fact that we employ ‘codes welders’. This means that the PAB welders who will be working on a client’s project have been certified as achieving a specific level of expertise. The codes in question will depend upon factors such as the material being used, the welding process, the thickness of the material and the type of joint. No matter what the details of a client’s particular project are, we’ll ensure that the welders working on it for them have reached, at the very least, the minimum standard required.

Brightware Polishing

Mention sheet metal work and most people will think of practical solutions for working components. While we deliver products of this kind to the highest possible standards, we also work with the aesthetic pleasure of sheet metal. Our brightware polishing facilities enable us to create sheet metal items which are beautiful as well as practical, bespoke components which take pride of place in high end products such as luxury cars.


Our spot welding offers the advantage of delivering quick and simple joining solutions. Our automated spot welding facilities can create permanent joins in multiple sheets at high speed, providing consistent and effective results at a rate which keeps costs down and brings the final delivery date forward.

MRP Controlled Production

MRP stands for Materials Requirement Planning and it covers the planning, inventory control and scheduling which we have in place in order to make sure that the manufacturing process is managed smoothly and effectively.  The software we use to deliver MRP is state of the art and controls the manufacturing process in a manner which means we always work to schedule and have the materials our clients need at hand when they are needed.

OTIF – On Time In Full

Everything we’ve mentioned above – from the people we employ to the tools we use and the processes we employ – has been put in place to deliver the excellence which keeps clients coming back to us time and time again. In simple terms we do everything we can to deliver components on time in full (OTIF), which means that the product has been manufactured as expected, is delivered in the right quantity and to the right location and reaches the expected quality levels. The rate at which we hit this exacting target is an impressive 97%.

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