About PAB Group


Here at Coventry PAB we specialise in delivering a bespoke service for each and every client. For many clients that involves manufacturing equipment or components using a range of techniques including welding, laser cutting and metal stamping.

The fact that we offer the full in-house service, from creating designs to making prototypes and then on to actual manufacture, means that clients can be certain the high quality we offer will never be allowed to dip. We don’t contract out any of the work we do, so everything is delivered by a member of the PAB team using state of the art equipment. This applies to the finishing services we offer as much as it does to anything else.

Finishing Component

We offer a range of specialised finishing techniques, delivered by experts in the field in our purpose built facilities. Our powder coat finishing, which involves applying a layer of dry powder to a surface before using heat it cure the finish, is an excellent choice where a thicker coating is required. Alternatively, we offer the more traditional wet paint finish and a high tech e-coat finish, which involves dipping the part to be finished into liquid containing paint which then plates itself to the surface when an electrical charge is applied.

Whether you need a specialist finish such as zinc or andoise, or a simple wet paint finish, we’ll work closely with you to decide exactly what the best approach to take is, and then deliver results which are nothing short of flawless. We understand that the finishing process often comes at the end of a chain of other complex and expensive processes, something which makes getting it just right even more important. Whether we’ve manufactured the component ourselves, or you bring it to us for finishing, we’ll make sure it gets the best finish possible each and every time.