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Sub Assembly

If you’re a manufacture who designs and produces their own original equipment then there’s every chance that you’re looking for a way to reduce the impact of having to assemble that equipment. If you want to cut costs and time to market without cutting corners in terms of quality, then look no further than Coventry PAB.

Our in-house team of experts take pride in the quality of the products we provide. Although we specialise in a range of services including finishing, creating prototypes and metal stamping, we apply the same high standards when sub assembling products on behalf of our clients. We employ more than 50 people and deliver for clients across the globe, but we still pride ourselves on a family run ethos and never deliver anything less than excellence.


We have the facilities and engineering expertise needed to deliver highly complex multi component parts, including SPR joint assembly. Whatever the individual details of a specific product are, we’ll be able to take on the job having agreed a price and delivery time before hand. Whether it’s a large scale production run or a one off prototype, we deliver exactly what each client is looking for. We understand that clients are naturally sometimes wary of handing their valuable components over to a third party to assemble, but when you work with Coventry PAB you take on a genuine partner, just as committed to the excellence of the final results as you are. If you want to save time and money by sourcing the best sub assembly facilities in the UK then contact us today. Our combination of state of the art equipment, time-served, highly trained experts and, above all, the Coventry PAB ethos of excellence means that you simply won’t be able to find anywhere better.

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