About PAB Group

Meet the Team


Mark Brazier


Mark, son of PAB founder Peter Brazier has been involved with the business since its creation in 1986. Mark, while still at school in Rugby, would walk to the factory after school and help his father out in the office or put some overalls on and help on the shop floor. Mark completed his apprenticeship and worked his way through most of the areas within PAB and became MD in 2004.

Roles and Responsibilities: Mark is responsible for the strategic growth and direction of the business.


Danny Wheldon

Managing Director

Danny has been within the business for over 20 years, starting as an apprentice and has undertaken many roles to lead to his position today as Managing Director. Danny has a wealth of knowledge within all aspects of the business having taking lead roles within Engineering / Commercial and Sales within his PAB career.

Roles and Responsibility: Full responsibly for all aspects of the business. Leading a great team towards the continued growth into the future.


Nicola Thornton


A member of the board of directors, Nicola started with PAB in 1990. After a career break to concentrate on her family she returned to PAB in November 2017.

The PAB of today is very different to those early days, now a multi-million pound business with such prestigious customers, I am proud to once again be part of the PAB team”.

Roles and Responsibilities: Nicola is responsible for Payroll.


Nicki Ricketts

Human Resources and Health and Safety Manager

New to PAB Nicki brings with her over 10 years’ experience in HR Management within manufacturing and retail businesses, alongside her organisational skills and “can do” approach to achieving all challenges presented to her.

Role and Responsibilities: A member of the Management team who is responsible for Human Resources and Health & Safety in the business.


Colin Hutchings

Manufacturing Manager

Colin has worked for the business for over 20 years in various fields of manufacturing and brings a vast knowledge of all product and processes within PAB. As PAB has grown and the culture of the business has become more professional Colin has adapted and adjusted to become a key member within the senior management team.

Roles and Responsibilities: A member of the senior management and manufacturing team responsible for all aspects of manufacturing within PAB.

Dave Phelan

MP & L Manager

David has worked within supply chain sector for over 25 years, supplying into automotive, aerospace, rail and electrical. Having held a number of different roles including purchasing, planning and logistics & warehousing. David joined PAB’s senior Management team as a MP&L Manager in February 2016.

Role and Responsibilities: A member of the Senior Management team who is responsible for Planning & Logistics within the business.


Steve Harris

Quality Manager

Steve joined the company in 2004, originally as the Quality Engineer, progressing to Quality Manager in 2010. Steve as in excess of 40 years’ experience working in the automotive industry in various quality roles.

Role and Responsibilities: A member of the Senior Management team who is responsible for all Quality related functions within PAB.

Alan OToole

Alan O'Toole

NPI Special Project Manager

New to PAB, Alan posses’ a wealth of knowledge from various sectors such as automotive, light weight, rail and aerospace.

Roles and Responisilities: Alan will be responsible for the launch of special projects supporting the diversification targets for 2022 onwards.