About PAB Group


Laser cutting is the manufacturing method of choice when you have components which need to be engineered to the strictest possible tolerances and with a clean, clear finish. Here at Coventry PAB we have state of the art laser cutting facilities operated by engineers who are experts in the field., In addition to this they are proud members of the PAB team which means that, no matter how big we grow and how many prestige clients we serve, we still have a family firm approach to delivering excellence for each and every client who comes to us.

Our laser cutting facilities are accurate and incredibly efficient. As well as delivering the results you need, they’ll work quickly and economically, making large scale production runs more affordable than ever. Because we offer the full in-house service we’re able to take clients from initial preliminary sketches through fully detailed design and then on to laser cutting. Alternatively, we can take a fully drawn up design a client brings to us and use this as the basis for our laser cutting operations. No matter what stage of a project you’ve reached, if the next thing you need is laser cutting then you really don’t need to look any further than Coventry PAB.

We work with Prima power lasers and offer everything from an automated 2 axis system for the simpler shapes all the way up to a 5 axis laser capable of cutting complex shapes along multiple planes simultaneously. Our 4 kilowatt fibre laser is able to cut quickly and cleanly through a wide range of materials, and we can deliver multiple versions of the same component without any variation in results.

If you need laser cutting that delivers excellent results with speed and efficiency then get in touch with Coventry PAB today. Our specialist facilities and team of expert engineers are waiting to get the job done.