About PAB Group


PAB Coventry now has dedicated facilities for the design and production of tooling equipment. Adjacent to our main Coventry workshop, the new Tooling section has been created to meet demand.

Having invested in new machinery and expanding our team, enabling us to have full control of the manufacturing of tooling for niche production projects and prototypes. This all compliments more efficient lead times reduced production costs and quicker manufacturing times.

Building on our heritage for the development of handmade prototypes, pre-production and approved production parts development, we can now produce appropriate tooling faster and more cost-effectively, whether it is as part of your overall development project or one-off tooling requirements.

Our Management Team has a vast collective knowledge of processes and manufacturing techniques which have been developed over many years in an array in markets and industries. They are on hand to help and advise you on your projects, so please call them today.


PAB Tooling Room

The PAB tooling room was created with the express intention of meeting the demands placed on us by our clients. By combining the latest technology and cutting edge equipment with an expanded team of experts in the field of tooling, we put together a facility capable of creating bespoke tooling for niche production projects and innovative prototypes. From the first contact to successful completion, our tool room can deliver the tools you need quickly and effectively, working to a pre-determined timetable and budget, cutting costs through efficiency without lowering the quality of the finished products.

Design and Simulation

Any effective manufacturing process starts with a detailed and comprehensive design. At the core of this process will be the way our experts liaise with every client to gain insight into the products they require. Our designers all have years of experience, some of it drawing upon the PAB legacy of creating handmade prototypes, and they put that experience at the service of every client, creating a simulation which fully captures the aims of the finished tool. The simulation will reveal the stresses and strains that will be placed on the product during construction, and uncover any issues or problems at the earliest possible stage, saving them time and money involved in revising a problematic design once manufacturing has started.

Press Tool

The tools we create for our clients will go on to play a vital part in their own manufacturing processes. In other words, when we get it right, then our clients will get it right many hundreds or thousands of times over, turning out products which meet strict parameters thanks to the tools we create for them. When a client needs to manufacture a component part which includes grooves, shapes and folds then the answer is always going to be a press tool. A press tool manufactured by PAB will offer consistently accurate results no matter what the volume. We work with our clients to understand their needs and deliver press tools capable of working in a number of ways:


  • Blanking – this involves the press tool cutting through a flat sheet of metal, with the ‘blank’ being the usable part of the metal that is cut out.
  • Piercing – this involves the press tool cutting through the metal and discarding the piece which has been cut out, leaving the part to be used with a hole in it. The press tools we manufacture can combine blanking and piercing.
  • Forming – this involves the tool being placed in a power press or press brake and helping to form the shape of the finished product when force is applied to the metal.

Time Served Tool Specialists

Although we go out of our way to ensure that our tooling room is equipped with the latest equipment, taking advantage of technological innovations to deliver quality and efficiency to our clients, we know from experience that no technology is ever as important as the people using it. Our team is made up of experts who have dedicated years and even decades of their lives to working with tooling and delivering for our clients. Despite our global outlook, we’re proud of our local roots and family ethos, and this is reflected in the levels of customer service we insist upon. When you come to PAB, our specialists become your specialists, and their experience shows in every part of the work they do for you.

Checking Fixture

The checking fixtures we produce in our tool room are used by our clients to ensure the quality of the parts which they manufacture. The automotive industry, for example, makes extensive use of checking fixtures in order to maintain the quality of multiple sheet metal components and ensure that they meet all relevant regulatory standards.


From the smallest tool to the largest order, we have the flexibility and capacity to deliver our customer requirements. No matter what kind of tools you’re looking for, our tool room can make it happen.

For more information on our tooling services,
please call us on +44 (0)24 7669 4419 or email info@pabcoventry.co.uk

 We offer a bespoke tooling service with dedicated facilities to help businesses across the Midlands, including Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester and Daventry. Wherever your location, we can help!