Following the success of the LoCoLite project to establish and develop a production system for the manufacture of HFQ®,  as part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme PAB have been asked to be a key partner in the LoCoMaTech project. With the objective of LoCoLite being achieved, the aim for the new project is to further enhance the manufacturing system for the production of high volume lightweight aluminium components using the HFQ® technology.

The 3 year project had a kick-off meeting at Imperial College London in September 2016, and the 6 month review meeting was hosted in February by the University of Miskolc in Hungary. The project comprises 19 partners from 9 European countries and features major European automotive manufacturers in addition to prestigious academic institutions.

PAB will lend their expertise of hot stamping aluminium panels, their knowledge of production systems, tooling and component manufacture, and supply chain management to enable the project to attain the goal of commercially viable mass produced HFQ® components with a low environmental impact.


You can read more about the project here