PAB Daventry to Coventry Are you a Daventry manufacturer looking for bespoke tooling requirement? PAB is based in Coventry, just 10 miles from Daventry and designs and manufacturers bespoke tooling equipment for business across Daventry and the Midlands.

If you are working on a niche project or prototype it can prove expensive to create your own tooling in-house. You may need to consider taking on a new member of staff or investing in new machinery, but in the long run will be the most cost effective way? The alternative is to outsource your tooling requirements to PAB. We have a dedicated Tooling workshop, equipped with the latest machine technology and manned by our team of tooling experts.

Please get in touch to discuss your tooling project in more detail.

PAB has been working with business like yours since 1986 and provide a full range of services for a wide range of sectors. Click Here to find out more.