Metal Stamping and PressingDo you need help to manufacture complex metal shapes? Metal stamping, or pressing, requires specialised machinery and skills and so it can be difficult to manufacture products in-house using this technique.  Manufacturers from Daventry and across the Midlands work will often outsource this type of work to us here at PAB Coventry as it saves them time and money. PAB is about 10 miles away from Daventry and our workshop is close to the A45 which means our locations is very convenient for projects in Daventry.

Metal stamping includes a number of different manufacturing processes, such as:

  • Punching – metal is shaped using a stamping or machine press
  • Flanging – metal is bent along a curved line
  • Stretching – the surface area of the sheet metal is enlarged using tension
  • Hemming – the edge of the metal is folded to increase thickness and strength
  • Drawing – metal is stretched into an alternative, often more abstract shape

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