PAB has been recognised as industry leaders in innovation, design and product development and as such has become involved in a number of leading research and development initiatives.

Heat Treatment Forming and in-die Quench (HFQ) – A new technology to improve the ductility of aluminium by heating an aluminium sheet above its solution heat treatment temperature, forming it while still hot, and quenching it in the press. This HFQ technology had the potential to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and increase recycling in the automotive industry.

Ultra-light Car Bodies (UlCab)  – PAB led the project to a successful conclusion in producing a complex automotive component through the new HFQ/TWB technology process. This technology will provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions to help achieve pollution reduction in line with EU policy.

LoCoLite  - Using HFQ technology this project will develop a production system for the manufacture of lightweight aluminium panel components with high-strength and complex shapes for aerospace and car body and chassis structures at economical cost.

LoCoMaTech The project follows on from the successful LoCoLite project and the initial aim is to enable the patented HFQ® process to be used for the manufacture of lightweight, high strength body and chassis structures and components for low-cost vehicles by establishing a prototype, full scale production line supported by a supply chain encompassing raw material to end of life

MagHot – PAB is lead partner in this R&D project which uses HFQ technology to deliver a step change in the economic manufacture of ultra-lightweight magnesium pressings for the niche vehicle sector. The project will produce a world first; a cost effective, production-capable manufacturing process for ultra-lightweight pressings.

Polymer Micro-Hollow Fibre Heat Exchangers (PHFHE) - This project aims to develop, optimize and manufacture novel Polymer Micro-Hollow Fibre Heat Exchangers (PHFHE) for various applications. This lightweight PHFHE can reduce the weight up to 50% compared with traditional metal heat exchangers, leading to at least 50% cost reduction. PAB will also develop its application within Electric Vehicles (EV).

AliAnForm  - This project will prove the feasibility of a production process that will enable the high strength engendered by the HFQ process to be realised uniformly within aluminium sheet components.

LightBlank  - This R & D project will develop and deliver a material-efficient production method and the associated supply base for aluminium Friction Stir-Tailor Welded Blanks for forming by the solution Heat treatment Forming and in-die Quenching hot stamping method (FSTWB-HFQ).

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