Why is it important to prototype your idea?

PAB Project ManagementTransforming your idea from design into production can be quite a challenge both practically and financially. Creating a prototype is one way to overcome this challenge and test out your idea at the pre-production stage.

Building a prototype has many benefits, with one of the main ones being it provides you with the opportunity to test and refine your idea, the design and its material before you commit to the production process.

A prototype allows you to test the performance of different materials which helps you make the right decision about which one to choose for final production.

A prototype also adds credibility to your idea and is particularly useful if you need to source funding for your project; a tangible object makes the idea more real than a paper drawing.

PAB has produced many metal prototypes over the years for designers and engineers.

Our expert team is able to use its knowledge and experience to bring your idea to life in the most cost-effective way.

Prototyping is one of our specialisms and our Midlands based workshop is equipped to handle these one-off designs which mean you don’t have to invest in specialist tooling or machinery to get your prototypes built. We have also recently invested in a new laser scanner which means we are now able to reverse engineer your designs if required.

We can guide you through the whole process, taking your idea from paper through to its metal prototype and beyond into production.

To talk to a member of our prototyping team, please call us today on 024 7669 4419