Blackburns – A Supplier for PAB for the Past 10 years.

Blackburns Metals logoBlackburns has been working with Coventry Metal Works manufacturer PAB Coventry for over 10 years.

Blackburns prides itself on building long standing customer relationships and its history with PAB is testament to that. they have been supplying PAB with 5754 graded Aluminium since early 2000.

Laura Allan from PAB Coventry tells us how working with Blackburns has helped contribute to PAB Coventry’s success, “We work with a diverse range of sectors and need Aluminium suppliers who are both reliable, can cope with on-spot demand and deliver a quality product which means we are able to maintain the excellent reputation we have built up over the past 30 years. “

“Since we started working with Blackburns they have always given us an excellent level of service. It is difficult for us to provide a material schedule but Blackburns have never let us down and the team at Blackburns is constantly stepping in to help us at the last minute, they are reliable and the quality of its products always meets our high standards and we have zero returns.”

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