Metal stamping, or metal pressing as it is sometimes known, gives manufacturers the opportunity to shape sheet metal in an efficient and cost-effective way.

PAB Coventry is located about 20 miles away from Birmingham’s city centre and is conveniently located to work with manufacturers on metal stamping projects from Birmingham and across the region.

Our workshop is fitted with the latest metal stamping machinery and our expert team are on hand to work with you throughout the whole process from design to production.

Outsourcing your metal stamping requirements means you don’t have to worry about investing in new machinery or resources, saving you both time and money.

Metal stamping covers a range of manufacturing processes, which include

  • Punching – metal is shaped using a stamping or machine press
  • Flanging – metal is bent along a curved line
  • Drawing – metal is stretched into an alternative, often more abstract shape
  • Hemming – the edge of the metal is folded to increase thickness and strength.

For more information about our work on metal stamping projects with Birmingham manufacturers, please contact us.

PAB Coventry is leading the way with metal fabrication and are currently involved with a number of Research and Development  projects.