PAB Coventry’s innovative Fibre Laser from Prima Power installed

Prima Laser

The final piece in PAB’s ambitious 3 year expansion programme is fully operational and has been producing high quality parts for 3 months.


The first Prima Power machine sold in the UK to feature the company’s own high-power laser source, an advanced Rapido 3D laser cutter was recently installed, along with a 2 metre Prima Power brake press.

Prima Power’s innovative technology negates the need for laser gases, mirrors or moving parts. Laser light is transferred via a passive fibre cable to the cutting head. The eco-compatible, highly-efficient technology delivers enhanced levels of productivity and excellent precision with low maintenance requirements.


Explaining the reasons behind PAB’s latest Prima Power purchase, C.E.O Mark Brazier said, “Given the demanding nature of the customers PAB Coventry serves, and the high-standards of the fabricated parts they expect us to deliver, some years ago we searched for an advanced laser cutting machine that would enable the production of high-volume, high-quality components. Having compared the available machines we considered a Prima Power machine to be the ideal choice.”


Danny and Mark

PAB Coventry MD Danny Wheldon and CEO Mark Brazier

“As our business has grown and the need for further equipment has occurred, to ensure that we received the best tool for the job and best value for money, we have looked at other brands. Although, when we made comparisons, each time we concluded that, whatever the machine category, the Prima Power offering was the perfect option for our high volume, high quality needs.


“Due to the growth of our business and our continued loyalty to the brand, I believe that we are now the UK’s largest user of Prima Power machines. In addition to the machines’ excellent precision and efficiency, as Prima Power’s product range covers all aspects of sheet metal working, including laser cutting, welding and drilling, punching and bending, it helps that common software and operating systems provide great flexibility when we are deploying our production personnel.”

Mr Brazier concluded. “Now installed and fully operational our new Prima Power Rapido 3D fibre laser cutting machine is now producing impressive volumes of high-quality, precise components, we have been particularly impressed with the machine’s ability to generate intricate cutting shapes. Not only is our latest Prima Power laser cutting machine purchase allowing our production levels to keep pace with current demand, the machines impressive productive potential should ensure that we are able to keep up with future requirements.”

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